Become A Learning Machine
Learn effectively with proven scientific techniques to increase your potential
Become a learning machine so you can speed up your progress, your income and your life!! Start learning more effectively today!!
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German Garcia-Fresco, Ph.D
Neuroscientist  |  Entrepreneur  |  Author
Director of The Adaptive Neuroscience Research Institute (ANRI)
Founder of
"One of the key factors in your success in todays world is your ability to learn effectively and quickly."
Why Become a Learning Machine?
Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply trying to learn new things, applying effective learning techniques to learn quickly and effectively will give you the edge to get ahead.
  • Learn the tricks that most successful CEO’s use
  • Improve your memory capacity
  • Learn to retain more in less time
  • Increase your free time
  • Read faster with better comprehension
  • Understand how your brain works
  • Use the most powerful scientifically proven techniques
  • Understand how health and habits impact your learning
  • Apply the techniques to anything you want to learn
  • Never forget where you left your keys or people’s names again
  • Waste less time learning the boring way 
Become a Learning Machine
In 4 Easy Steps
Understand how your brain works
Create a learning environment for your brain
Learn basic and advanced learning techniques
Apply your favorite techniques to learn anything you want
After becoming a Learning Machine you will be able to learn any subject or skill. From playing the drums to human anatomy in a much more effective and efficient way!
How long does it take?
The course will last for 6 weeks.
It will depend how committed you are to becoming a Learning Machine.
The course is over 7 hours in length. But we recommend you practice 45 minutes a day or 3-4 times a week so that you can practice all the techniques available to you.
What is included?
7+ hours of lectures
All new content based on scientific research and new bonus material to improve your skills
Worksheets & Quizes
Comprehensive worksheets and quizes to help you train and apply what you learn
Become certified
When you complete the course you will earn a Learning Machine Certification that you can proudly hang on your wall
Extra Bonuses!
Direct Chat with Doctor Fresco
You will have direct access to ask Doctor Fresco any questions you might have to help you boost your learning curve.
Doctor Fresco's Brain Healthy Guide
Get Doctor Fresco's Healthy Brain Guide which covers all the things you need to know to keep your brain in tip-top shape.
Lifetime Access To Future Upgrades
Once you become a member, you will have access to any future updates, bonus materials and new tips for FREE and forever!
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by Jean-Francois Soucy

Course Content
About the Instructor
German Garcia-Fresco, Ph.D.
Dr. German Garcia-Fresco obtained his BA/MS in organic chemistry/molecular biology from Purchase College, SUNY (Sigma Xi honor society). He earned his Ph.D. in molecular neurobiology at the University of North Carolina, with a focus on the interactions of proteins between myelin and the axon in rodents. He has received numerous awards, including the President’s Award for excellence in genetics and biochemistry.

As director of the Adaptive Neuroscience Research Institute  (ANRI), Dr. German Garcia-Fresco helps people explore and enhance their own potential. The mission of ANRI is to collaborate with some of the world’s leaders in a variety of fields, including finance, neuroscience, psychology, nutrition, and business, using the latest technology available today. 

As a scientist, Doctor Fresco’s research has led to advances in  the field of neurobiology, contributing to mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative diseases. His work has been featured in  top scientific journals as well as The New York Times and several news channels around the world. 

Recently, he has been focused on the behavioral aspects of  brain functioning, specifically decision making, emotional control,  and creative enhancement. He is currently trying to develop techniques to increase neuronal performance and developing health and educational brain programs for children and adults. 

Asides from his scientific interests, he is an avid entrepreneur  and successfully operates a variety of companies in the United States. He’s the owner of Xtreme Park Adventures in Durham, North Carolina, which among other skill-building activities focuses on team building—a group effort in which all members of a team work together to achieve one goal in common. The group works in sync, combining their different abilities and strengths to focus all their energy and achieve their goals. 
Are you ready to become a learning machine, get the edge and live to your full potential?
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